Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Butchering!

In celebration of Scooch's fist birthday he got his hair chopped off. It started out as a trim and ended as a shave. I'm remembering now why G-man never had long hair. I am no good with scissors. I inevitably end up chopping off a chunck somewhere that is impossible to blend in. His new haircut makes him look really big. Now I have a one year old that walks like a toddler and looks like a toddler. Plus he likes to do things like bite my fingers when I won't let him do what he wants and use his new walking skills to move my pantry items onto the end table. Where did my baby go?


TrishAnderson said...

He does suddenly look much bigger. I like the hair cut. We do Brendon's with the clippers. Josh wraps him up in and holds him down in a towel while I get to work. It is a crazy 5 to 10 min but it sure works.

camfox said...

Oh, he's cute!