Monday, January 5, 2009

Major Life Event!

There are several different milestones of childhood. There are all the babyhood ones: crawling, walking, talking, pottytraining. Thankfully most of them we don't remember.
Then there are the milestones of kid-dom that we all remember with fondness or terror, depending on what they were (or who your parents are). The first day of school, the Christmases where you believed in Santa Claus, learning to ride a bike.
G-man experienced one of the more memorable life events yesterday. He lost his first tooth. It had been loose for a few months and finally came out (with a little help from mom). The cool thing is one of his best friends from school lost the same tooth over the Christmas break. The tooth fairy brought him a one dollar coin that he is already planning on taking to the dollar store.
I am so excited to see my boy grow up but sad at the same time. For some reason this milestone seems so much bigger than starting school and riding a bike. It just seems that those teeth are the last bit of baby he has left and once there gone I have to admit he's growing up.


Renee said...

Luann, I FEAR this milestone. What's with kids having to grow up, anyway??

Debbie's said...

It sounds like he handled it well :)
How ironic... I was just mentioning to Fred that my Gregory will start losing teeth within the year, or so. It was brought up because our youngest is letting us know that she's getting more in... ugh.