Thursday, January 1, 2009

Staying Up Late

We were over at some friends house to celebrate New Year's Eve: play some games, eat some food, and converse the night away. Great time for all. G-man and Kiwi were watching Star Wars Clone Wars, and Kiwi fell asleep, of course. She had been asking to get into PJs by 9 PM, and was looking quite tired. G-man made it all the way through the movie. Whats more, he came out of the back room where they were watching the movie, and started watching the game we all were playing. Then he wanted to play Wii. It was so close to midnight, that we encouraged him to stay up until the new year, and he got to see the ball drop and everything. On the way home in the car, he was quite excited that it was past midnight. Who knew our six year old could stay up that late and be fully functional?

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