Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh the Wonderful things Mr Scooch can do...

If I didn't have a pressing date with the Wii tonight, I would make this rhyme, but since Lego Star Wars is calling my name, this is all you get:

He can play the piano
He can eat rocks, legos, leaves, lint, stickers, nut shells and Cheerios
He can rearrange the tupperware cabinet, kids dishes, and dishwasher too.
He can say ow, no no no!, and da da (although he technically doesn't know what this means and is simply repeating noises).
He can play patty cake
He can turn off the TV with the remote (although I don't think its intentional)
He still scooches, although he will break into the real thing when not in a terrible hurry
He can pull cords and nightlights out of sockets.
He can bite (now he has a tooth on top, Ouch!)
He pulls hair (hence the ability to repeat Ow. He hears it often)
He can annoy Kiwi (she told me the other day she wishes we didn't have a baby. She's taking to putting up barriers in front of the playroom to keep him out. I told those kids they didn't want him to start crawling).
He can melt your heart with his head tilt. I'll have to get it on camera. It is sooo cute!

Oh the wonderful things Mr Scooch can do. He is a cutie, through and through!

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