Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Yeah for School!

G-man started Kindergarten on Monday. He loves it. The first day he couldn't wait to go. When he got to his classroom, he practically shoved his teacher out of the way to get in. I asked him a few days before if he was nervous. He told me no, and that he didn't like it at home because its boring. Well, yes, I know I'm not that interesting, but could you spare my feelings even a little bit? But, that's what I like about little kids, they will tell you how it is.
I think the boring nature of our house stems from my pregnancy. I got so used to not doing anything because I was so tired all the time. Now that Mr. S is letting me get more sleep, I have more energy. I just need to remember how to be fun again. I've gotten out of the habit of being more silly and a little less serious. Now, without G-man here Kiwi wants to play with me. Mom's brand of silliness may not be as fun as G-man, but its better than nothing.
I have also realized taking away one kid takes away all the fighting. Its really quiet without him here. Instead of getting my house trashed every day, Kiwi and I play together, she helps me do the things I need, we play with Mr. S. I think I'm going to like this new arrangement. Granted, it is only three days into it. We'll see what I'm saying in another week or so.


Debbie's said...

AH! What a good lookin' young man... congrats! We've decided to let our Gregory start Kindergarten, too. Let the adventures begin!

camfox said...

Gregory has always been such a handsome kid! He looks great. Sadie was/is also thrilled to go to kinder, and she's loving it. It's a lot quieter around here too, with both Sadie and Moses off to school. Much less contention. And I'm really enjoying more one on one time with Lauren and Margo.