Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Imagination? Nope, don't have one.

Somewhere between childhood and adulthood I seem to have lost my imagination. We've been enjoying a nice summer lull between swim lesson and school. Mr. S has gotten into a bit of a schedule, (which includes a three hour nap!), so I finally have some time to do stuff. Yesterday I tried to play with my kids. Kiwi asked me if I would play dollhouse with her, so I sat down to give it a shot. All I could think to do was put the furniture in the house, and then have the mommy doll put the baby doll to bed, feed the brother, go grocery shopping, do laundry. . . We quickly moved to coloring, which is something I can handle.
I've been contemplating my inability to play with my little girl and have realized that I was never a very creative child. My doll play involved running my little families through an entire life cycle. The mom and dad would meet, get married have kids. They're kids would grow up, meet someone else, get married, have kids and on and on. I had a bear family with dolls that ranged in age from infant to grandparents, so it worked. But how boring!
I've been watching my kids play this morning as their play gets progressively more creative. There's a cat, dog, panda, yak, a bunny, a few baby dolls, and some Weebles all getting ready to go to school. The bouncy chair is a bus with spiderman pez dispensers for controls. Earlier the Boppy was being used as a computer. Then there are the strangely high pitched voices that I've had to become accustomed to. All in all, they're imaginations are awesome and I just can't think like that anymore. I feel so sorry for the shock Kiwi will be in when her favorite playmate starts Kindergaren next week.

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camfox said...

How has Kiwi adjusted to having G-man away at school? Has she missed him? My to youngest are not sad to see the older two off every morning. When Moses started kindergarten though, Sadie cried. It was hard for her.