Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ragnar 2014

Another Ragnar down, and this one a bit rougher than the last. We tried a double team this year so everyone could have a running partner. Unfortunately one person dropped out last minute so we had to do a little filling in. Oh, and another runner had pneumonia. So, one lady carried pneumonia ladies bib. One lucky bit was our lone runner was actually a walker. I was one of three of us who took a turn joining her on the course. So in the end I ran about 16 miles and walked another 6. Only 4 miles away from a marathon. I could do it, right?

Here's some highlights from this year's race. My favorite part was roping my good friends from Winchester, Jill and Liz, into running with us. Liz convinced me to do the Leprechaun run back in March to prep for Ragnar. Then we signed up for another couple races this summer. I think I started something here.

Liz and Jill. They're Awesome.
Cindy and I with our Ragnar Tatoos. We had a seven hour wait after the first leg.
Some of the Van 1 crew. So fun to run with these women.
Me Running. I do actually run. It's not all about the fake tattoos and crazy outfits.
Carrie and I about to embark on our night run. My bandanas are ridiculous, but so is sweat in my face while running.
The finish line at Pilgrim Monument in Provincetown. It takes a long time to get to the end of Cape Cod.
Gotta have the fun socks. It just makes a world of difference.

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