Monday, May 26, 2014

Beach Season

When the weather is nice, there is no reason not to go to the beach in May. Just because the "warm" temperature is in the 70s doesn't mean it is not fun, right?
Build a Shelter
But the hardest part to going to the beach is that there is water everywhere! How can you keep an eye on all the kids?
Just put them in the sand!
Who wouldn't want to keep warm in the cool sand?
Buried Alive!
Really, the best part of living in Boston is the beach. So much fun for no apparent reason: the water is too cold to really swim in until the very end of August (even then not warm), the sand gets into everything (really everything), and the sun gets you burned even though it is not warm. Oh, and by the end of summer, the beach fly's are nasty at biting. But, everyone looks forward to it, and is happy when we are there, so back we go every year.

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