Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day Hike...That Ended Tragically

The kids had Veteran's Day off, so we went on a hike. Chad was working (the bum). So we went off on our own with some friends. We had a lot of fun and the kids toughed it out at the end. There may have been a bit of complaining toward the end as we trudged up a fairly steep hill. I guess that means we need to do more hiking!

This craziness only happened pre-hike. They were pretty worn out at the end.
Unfortunately this fun little adventure will always mark a fairly embarrassing and painful mishap for me. One little girl had to use the restroom and we chose to go home to do so instead of going in the woods. By the time we were home, someone was a bit desperate and had been letting me know for a while. I should have just stopped at Target. But we were almost home! I rushed up to the door to let her in the house and tripped in a hole in the ground. Down I went right onto the concrete steps, skinning my hand and hitting my head.

Thank goodness for fantastic neighbors who dropped everything to take me to urgent care. I was fine. No concussion or broken bones. My hand wound took a few weeks to recover. The gauze wrapping made it look worse than it actually was. But it is something I'll always remember. The kids kindly put cones in the front yard to prevent any further tripping incidents on the way to the front door.

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