Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween 2014

Just the yearly post on how the children made out for Halloween.
There was too much candy as always. G-man got to go with some neighbors to the rich area of town, and ended up getting tons of candy, including a number of full-size candy bars. That is just not right, that I have to help him eat them up. The other kids did just fine getting their stash, and did finally get sick of the candy. Kind of.
The little boys got to re-enact Star Ways, and totally loved the costumes, and have worn the outfits for weeks. JW even slept in his Darth Vader costume multiple times. And the classic move JW does is the Dark Force lightening from his hand. He totally gets into the action!
The side note on this one is that I love how the grass is soft enough to have bear feet on. Water is a miracle!

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