Sunday, July 22, 2012

It's Great to Be Two!

JW loves frogs.  This was the perfect ride for him.
 For JW's birthday this year we had a whole bunch of fun at Peter Piper Pizza.  We skipped the pizza and did a ride only excursion.  It was a lot of fun, and my body was thankful too. 
G-man "scared" on the Himalayan ride.
Kiwi and mom being crazy.
This was more the little boy's style.
He loved his cake, but nothing is quite as amazing as FIRE!

This kid is pretty awesome.  He is large and in charge and may steal the role of second mom away from Kiwi.  He will not let S. be the boss of him, and proves it with scratches, bites, and pinches.  We have a bit of a bully on our hands.  But we're working on it and he's getting better.  We're learning to live with the insults of "stupid" and "meanie" that he throws at us from timeout.  
He loves to be the center of attention and is constantly finding ways to make his siblings laugh.  He is very independent and has no problem helping himself to any food he can find, even if it's off of another's plate.  He is truly in the middle of his terrible twos and is driving Chad bonkers. 
Although he's a handful, I absolutely adore this age.  He can melt your heart with a look and a cuddle, demanding multiple hugs and" kitts" at bedtime.  He's so innocent and sweet that it's hard not to love this guy, even when he says you're a meanie.

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