Monday, August 6, 2012

Introducing Little Gorky

While we thoroughly enjoyed California, we came home to a small tragedy.  G-man's pet frog Gorky escaped out of her cage while we were away.  It was completely our fault.  There was a hole in the top of the cage that had been there for months.  I guess in the quiet of our absence she got a bit too brave and decided to explore.  Unfortunately for frogs, they are not well suited to our dry climate.
Chillin' with J-Dub.  We didn't have any pictures of her with G. 
 G was pretty upset about it.  When the family we had caring for our animals called to say she had escaped, I think he was hoping we would find her alive when we came home. There were many tears shed and a burial in the backyard.

Little Gorky, as she is called thus far.  Still hoping to find something a little more creative that will stick.
G spent the summer working to earn money for a new cage so he could get a replacement.  We were out the other day and found a Petco with a White's tree frog.  So we snatched her up.  She's small and cute and we made sure we got a good picture this time. 

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