Monday, June 20, 2011

Ballet Fun

The spring ballet show has come and gone. They did swan lake and Kiwi was a forest fairy. Kiwi did a great job during her dance and was a trooper sitting backstage through the whole show (about 2 hours). We had two rehearsals and two shows, all within four days. There were many late nights and forced naptimes. Kiwi is not one who handles sleep deprivation well.
Grandma Toni and Grandpa Rulon were able to come down for her show and she absolutely loved having people there for her. Plus being able to wear makeup and wings! I think it was every six year old girl's dream.
Next year we may not do this, but I'm glad we got in a year for her to experience the fun of performing. I am learning I am not a big fan of ballet and Kiwi has expressed an interest in gymnastics. Since her favorite thing to do at home is jump off my couch, I think we need to find a place for her to do that safely. But it was fun to revel in all things girly for a little bit!

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