Friday, May 6, 2011

Yard Work

We are constantly doing something in our backyard. It's a big yard, and we don't want to pay a landscaper. We are in the process of reigning in the bermuda grass so it doesn't take over. We don't like to use chemicals, so we are digging it out. This involves a lot of shoveling, a bit of sifting and some more shoveling. We probably will never finish, but the kids sure are having a lot of fun helping. Here are some recent of pics of J "helping." That is, if you consider eating rocks helping. We didn't get a garden planted this year. We do have things growing in the garden from winter still, but in a few weeks probably all we will have left is the strawberries, asparagus, and basil that is coming up from seed. I have really come to love fresh herbs. I have rosemary and thyme in my front planters, cilantro and dill that is going to seed, oregano, and basil just starting to grow. All I need now is some parsley and I will be set. I am going to miss my fresh tomatoes this year. Unfortunately these days we have surrendered to the demands of four kids. Maybe once the baby stops teething we'll get our garden back.

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