Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What we remember

I went to a youth activity last week and the leader handed a paper out to the girls with different ideas of things to write about in a journal. Some of the ideas included:

Tell about your favorite food or recipe
Write about your favorite hymn or song
Write a letter to your spouse and children
Write about how you felt during the day even if you don't think you did anything momentous
Tell a story your mom or dad has told you about when you were a baby
Pick someone who is a hero in your life and write about him or her
think of a book you've read and explain why it has made a difference in your life.
Describe your earliest memory

There were a bunch more and I will probably will write about a number of the prompts somewhere else. I like to keep myself to myself and try not to get too personal on the family blog. But I have to write about the last one. Mostly because the memories I came up with are funny and I wonder what other people remember from their childhood.

I consider memories to be early ones if they happened at our house we lived in on Delta. We moved from there when I was around 4 1/2. Here a re a few memories:

My brother being born (my mom was wearing pink and he had dark hair)
Peeing in a tree well.
My oldest brother sticking a grape in his nose and pulling out his ear (seriously, I really thought he did it and contemplated for year why he had a tube running from his nose to his ear).
Eating a lawn mushroom because the neighbor boy dared me and getting horribly sick.
A road runner running through the backyard.

I often wonder what my kids will remember from their childhood. I hope they are good things. I want to have them start writing them down so I can know what they consider momentous. Two of my memories were major events, but the others were just random things that happened on a random day that I'm sure my siblings or parents don't even remember. It's amazing what stick with you.

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