Friday, March 11, 2011

And Then She Was Six

Our Kiwi girl turned 6 two weeks ago. It seems that with her being the only girl and all, birthday lasts a lot longer. First there were cupcakes a few days before the day. Then a visit with G & G Evans on her birthday complete with hamburgers, balloons, and gelato. This was all followed up by a friends birthday the week after. Unfortunately, mommy promised a friend party this year but didn't get her act together in time to do it her actual birthday weekend. So, a week late, but I managed to keep my promise. Now I think I have to plan a three year old party in April because some little boy thinks he gets a party now too.
All the girls gathered around the cake.

No birthday is complete without balloon art supplied by the oldest brother.

This year marked the first time her birthday happened on the same day of the week she was born. I went to bed the night before remembering the feelings I had 6 years earlier going to sleep on her due date without a baby still. No contractions and no idea when I would ever get to meet my baby. Little did I know she would be born within four hours. I love my little Kiwi girl.

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