Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Perfect Gift

This is Mr. S with his Garbage truck he got for Christmas (or the day after Christmas. We opened gifts a day late). It's even cooler than mommy and dad thought. The arm that lifts the dumpster is motorized. It's now broken, but it was cool for about an hour. We couldn't get him away from it long enough to eat breakfast this morning. He threw a fit when we made him go to church.
Here he is yelling at me when I asked him to look at the camera. I think his words were "mommy, I don't want to smile!!!!" Can you see the pile of Christmas wrappings he is using for trash? I don't think he has touched his other gifts. I guess the nice thing about an obsession is it's easy to buy presents that will be loved to pieces (literally). We love you little S boy!