Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garden, circa July 2010

Garden Update: Tomatoes all over the place! Random Pumpkin!

The tomato plants are going nuts with growth and tomatoes. It seems like there are millions of tomatoes on our small pear tomato plant, and the Roma tomato plant is producing well. We even are getting some bell peppers, and a couple of jalepenos.

This year, we have a volunteer pumpkin plant. As it turns out, it is helping the strawberry plants survive the summer heat, since it blocks all of the sunshine. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it is even larger than my head! What do you do with pumpkin besides pumpkin pie? Pancakes here we come...


TrishAnderson said...

Nice Garden! Pumpkin cookies, pumkpin bars, pumpkin soup. But Pie with fresh pumpkin is the best.

paul and lacy ebert said...

Carve it! I know its not Oct. yet but it would still be fun! I love Pumpkin seeds