Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Cinderella Ball

G-man's 1st grade class had a Cinderella Ball for their end of year celebration. Earlier in the year they read different Cinderella stories. The stories came from different cultures and Cinderella was not necessarily a girl. The compared and contrasted and wrote about the stories they read. For the Cinderella Ball they chose a character from one of the stories and dressed up as that character.Gregory dressed up as the Irish Cinderlad. He chose this character because the cinderlad has a sword and slays a dragon. Now I need to find the book at the library and read it. A lot of the boys dressed up as Joe Cinders, which is a character in a Cowboy version of the story. This is his class all dressed up before the festivities began.
They taught the kids the box step and the sidestep in preparation for the night. The even learned how to twirl the girls. Here is G-man trying to show Kiwi the box step. At one point he gave her quite the shove to get her to twirl like he wanted.
Chad had to come over to help G-man figure out how to end a dance with a girl. He danced with this little girl for quite a while. She's quite shy and I don't think she knew how to move to another partner, and neither did G. It's a lesson every person must learn at one point in their lives. I thought this was an excellent end of year activity. The parents went crazy taking pictures as the kids danced. It was so much fun to see them dressed up and I loved that they actually taught the kids how to dance. It will be interesting to see if his 2nd grade teacher can top this one. G-man will have all the same kids in his class next year, so expectation will be high.


Andy and Sara said...

Very cool

TrishAnderson said...

That is very neat. I had never heard of anything like that. I also like that they actually taught the kids to dance. Cool idea!!!

Debbie's said...

WOW! What a GREAT end of year activity! Are you guys at a private school? I've also never heard of anything so creative and fun!

paul and lacy ebert said...

He looks so cut dancing with the girls! Love the fact that they got to learn a bunch of diff. interp. of cinderella