Sunday, May 2, 2010

And there was Light (and air movement)

With the weather being just perfect, I finally got to the project that we really needed in the front room. We now are the proud owns of a full set of bucket lights and fan. I spent a few nights up in the attic running wires, cutting holes, installing lights, fan, and switches. The front room was always so dark, even with the four floor lamps that we had just didn't cut it. Now, with the lights on, we can actually see things. And, no reaching up to change the fan speed! I love the easy-to-install fan switches. Even a "special" person like me can do it! :)

Post Script: It seems that back in 1964 they thought that insulation meant that a thin layer of fiberglass was sufficient. Now I see why the house gets hot in the summer. I need insulation, and lot of it.

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paul and lacy ebert said...

We know how you feel, We had to put lots of insulation in our house. It is a terrible job because the attic is so shallow my skinny teenage cousin could hardly fit in.(HUGE PAIN IN THE BUTT!!)