Sunday, April 18, 2010

Trip to CO

Chad and I left our kids for an extended weekend to Colorado. What bliss! I try to do this before we add another kid to the family. Probably to remind us we still like each other and hope those memories last through the 2am feedings, postpartum crazy, and general adjustment that comes with a new baby.
It seems as I have more kids I have fewer issues with leaving them. Before Kiwi was born I couldn't bring myself to leave G-man so we brought my parents with us on our vacation to Canada. This Colorado vacation was the second time we've left our kids with my parents in the past 12 months. I could have stayed away longer but I think it may have killed my mom. Especially since my dad wasn't at full capacity due to two injured arms (he fell out of the back of a truck, breaking one and fracturing the other. Crazy man).
We stayed at a Colorado version of Sedona called Estes Park. It's where all the Denverites spend their summer vacation. There are no skiing areas nearby, but it is right next to Rocky Mountain National park. We perused the shops and found many stores that sold the same things that are sold in Sedona (Chad's home town). But we completely and totally lived the tourist role, buying sweatshirts, ice cream, fudge, and a magnet for the fridge. Plus a few trinkets for the kids
Here are a few picture from the trip:

This is right in front of our room. I was shocked there was still so much snow. I'm sure most Arizonans live in blissful ignorance to the torture that is snow in the winter time.

This is the only picture of us together. Sporting our newly purchased Colorado sou-vies up in the Rocky Mountain National Park.

We drove for about 5 hours to the continental divide. There is a road closer to Estes Park that goes that high, but it was still closed for the winter. We actually drove a ways past this point because the highway went through a tunnel under the continental divide. We had to back track to actually drive into the mountains to find this stupid sign. Stupid tourists.

This was a giant statue of naked people dancing in downtown Denver. I found it amusing. I was surprised by how much land there is in the Denver area. I guess I always figured Denver was located amongst the mountains, and not on the plains West of the mountains. It was so agricultural. Not quite what I expected.

We've always thought Denver would be a fun place to end up in the future. I just don't know if I could handle the cold.


Episode Experts said...

I'm sorry for your dad. My brother did the same thing while moving his family into a new house. His elbow still bothers him. He should have had (and still should have) surgery. Hope your dad recovers all right.

TrishAnderson said...

I LOVE taking time away from the kids. I agree, I could always leave them longer, but I feel so bad for whomever has my little monsters! Glad you got a break before #4 comes.