Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas Mom

Chad and I chose to buy ourselves a new sliding door for Christmas. We were sick of losing half our heating bill out of the monstrosity that was there before.

We were sick of letting in flying insects into the house through the holey screen door every time we wanted some fresh air. We wanted a door that could be opened by a person of average strength.

It was installed Saturday, and was quite exciting. It's a beautiful door that matches our windows. It was worth every penny I paid. I love it. Unfortunately it did not last the day intact.

Apparently the screen is hard to see at night. It is now ripped and bent due to a certain 7 year old child slamming into it. Probably an hour earlier Chad had commented to me that it was hard to tell if the screen was open or closed. He kept having to double check before walking outside. If only we had thought this out a little. The thing has a warranty, although I'm sure we'll have to pay some kind of shipping or installation fee. Now I remember why we hate getting new things at our house. They never stay new for long. Although less than 24 hours is a new record I think.


TrishAnderson said...

Cool gift to yourselves. Sorry the screen didn't last as long.

Episode Experts said...

So sad!

witticism here said...

At least it wasn't the glass!

Renee said...

Precisely the reason I refuse to buy nice furniture yet. But congrats on the new door!!