Sunday, December 6, 2009

Five ways to entertain you toddler while practically sleeping

I will call this the daddy edition of "Five Ways to Entertain Your Toddler." I've suddenly realized why interaction with dad usually happens on the bed.

1. Read books. They usually don't catch on to the fact that you've read the same sentence five times in a row because you fell asleep and lost your place.

2. "Wrestle" on the bed. Usually involves laying there while child climbs all over you. Although Mr. S has the annoying habit of sitting on one's head and jumping up and down. Nothing quite like diaper on the head. And with three kids, a fresh diaper is not guaranteed.

3. Play hide and seek. Why is it that daddy always hides in his bed under the covers?

4. Have a talent show. All that is required of a parent is to lay on the couch and give occasional words of praise to kids while they flip and twirl to their heart's content.

5. Build a fort. Nothing quite like helping make another suitable napping spot, complete with sun darkening blanket coverings.

Of course there is always the turn on the TV and hope they watch it tactic. That one doesn't work on our toddler yet. Hopefully that kicks in before he stops taking naps.


lyz's world said...

hahahahaha ke buen gustan las diferentes opciones para entretener a los ninios...Ian es igual ke Seth, a veces funciona la tele y a veces prefiere la atencion total de mami, so esperemos ke funcione mejor con el tiempo. Super funny!

TrishAnderson said...

That is sooo funny! Hey - sometimes we just need a good nap, right?!?

Carly said...

I love it! However, parenting without standing up is the one aspect of raising kids I was able to figure out on my own. By the way, when Sam sits on my face, she's usually poopy, and I only have one kid, so I guess that's really bad and I you've killed any shot at an excuse. Thanks.

Episode Experts said...

Love it! I think I have done all of those myself. Hope Chad gets home and you feel better soon!

lizardofoz said...

when i was little, my dad would get home and we'd play 'bear feet' which consisted of my dad laying on the ground, and us running around him in circles while he growled and tried to grab our feet. it wasn't until i was an adult that i realized the geniusness of this game.