Wednesday, July 15, 2009

feeling a bit nostalgic

Perhaps its because I'm getting close to 30, or maybe because I've reconnected with friends from my childhood era. Maybe its simply because my 10 year reunion is set to occur next month. Whatever the reason, I've been reminiscing about my childhood. Now I can't keep this to myself, so I had to get my kids involved. Which we have been doing by making toys out of trash.
When I was in elementary school, probably around 8 or so, I made my own doll house out of cardboard boxes with furniture made out of tissue paper. I even cut up an old shirt for blankets and dyed them different colors.
It wasn't entirely because we were poor. I had two Sylvanian families and only one house. It felt selfish to ask for another house, so I improvised. Does anyone remember these things? I had the Slydale family and the Evergreen family. I even had some teenagers and grandparents for the bears, plus two kids and two babies. I would run a whole lifecycle with these my bears. It would start with the two adult bears and they'd get married and have kids and I'd keep running the story until they were old. I want to say I even had funerals for them, but I really can't remember. Anywho, the Slydales needed a house so I built one with cardboard and packaging tape. I spray painted the outside blue and the inside white. I remember getting into trouble for using too many cotton balls and tissues for the beds and spilling some dye on the carpet.
This is what I'm doing with my kids. We have beds, a table, a couch, a TV and pictures for the walls. As soon as I finish up the eggs, we'll make a toilet. I think I'm having way more fun than the kids.
Just as a side note, don't look at the Sylvanian family website too long. Before you know it you'll be buying a house and furniture and a family to go with it. I think the Moose family is adorable. Or maybe its just me who really really really wants to buy this for me ... I mean ... my daughter.


The Mannetts said...

So I totally remember you and your sylvanian family! And I remember I always wanted to play with them and you wouldn't let me!! But they were still a lot of fun!

Luann said...

I know, I was a very mean big sister. If I get some new ones I'll let you play, I promise!

camfox said...

You're a really good mom Luann, spending your time making these fun projects with your kids, and creating memories. Way to go.

TrishAnderson said...

I can't say that I remember these family bear things at all, but I love the idea of creating the house and things to go in it. Just as you had memories of doing it as a child, I am sure that they will as well.

Renee said...

I had those bears!!!

What a great idea! I love moms who aren't afraid of a little trash.