Monday, February 2, 2009

Termites are our friends!

I am ashamed to admit that we live with termites at our residence. They live in our yard and have found there way into our house a few times. I probably should hire someone to spray the yard (we already have had our house sprayed). But that would require picking up the phone book and calling someone plus the money to spend on it. Since our house is made of brick I'm not too worried about damage, plus I wouldn't have been able to enjoy the following experience with Kiwi.

While out in the yard digging grass out from under our deck, we found some termites had established a home there. The kids came to investigate and began to play with them. They are one of the few bugs in our yard that don't bite. Kiwi decided they were cute and let them crawl on her hands and arms. Just writing that makes my skin crawl. A little later she was carrying it around calling it her "little wood eater." I don't know if we need to finally give in and buy the kids a dog, or just come to terms with the fact girls think that all small things that move are cute.

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Episode Experts said...

Well, if you decide to go the dog route I know of one available...a friend in my ward is looking for a better home for their dog. She said he is really good with kids but they had another baby 3 weeks ago and just don't have the time to spend on him. Black lab mix, neutered, all shots current, house trained, and knows a couple commands. He just turned 1 year old in December.