Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Four Months and Counting

I've decided that I'm sick of trying to remember how old my kids were when they started doing different things. Its something that is nice to remember from kid to kid, but I never wrote it down for the first two. So, I thought I'd write it down for Mr. S. Then when we have our fourth kid I will be able to really compare them instead of just guessing. I try to start labeling my kids from a young age. I can just hear myself saying "well Mr. S was sitting up by 5 months, why can't you?"

Anywho, for those who don't care for the developmental rundown, you can stop reading. I've found Mr. S to be a very happy kid, at least when there isn't a camera pointed at him. He's very quick to smile, and is really starting to belly laugh now. He still hates his tummy, and won't roll over. He prefers to sit and stand. As you can see I don't discourage this behavior with the amount of time he spends in the Bumbo instead of on the floor. He is at a stage where he wants to see everything, so I spend a lot of time carrying him around the house. He has found his tose, and loves to put them in his mouth. A month ago he loved to stick his hands in the bath water and suck the water off his fingers. Now he sticks his feet in and sucks the water off his toes. He's also found that if he raises his legs up high and drops them into the water it makes quite a splash (and gets mommy/daddy wet).

He's growing fast and is surprisingly tall. At his last appointment he was 15 pounds, 12 ounces. That seems big to me, for a 4 month old. But, his weight was only in the 50th percentile. His height (can't remember what it was) was in the 75th percentile. Now, those measurement aren't very accurate for those wiggily babies, but he is growing out of his clothes already. It'll be interesting to see if one of our kids can beat the short gene curse. He has one tall grandpa, so it is possible.


Carly said...

Ok, seriously how do you get him to sit up straight in the Bumbo? Does he just do it? Sam is always leaning over the side on purpose (sometimes to pick up or drop stuff, sometimes to spit up, sometimes just to lean). I'm convinced she'll never sit up straight if she thinks she can always lean over. Please let me in on any bumbo secrets.

Rulon and Toni said...

He is such a handsome boy. He is so oposite Ian. Now make sure he crawls even tho he hates his stomach.

Luann said...

Carly, I don't think there is a trick to getting them to sit in the Bumbo. He just does it. He's not a real mover and a shaker though. He likes to sit and watch. He doesn't have much interest in anything besides his siblings. Although I do need to get a picture of him trying to get out of his bumbo. He arches his back and gets mostly out. If his little thighs weren't so dang fat, he'd probably make it.