Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Car Problems

Today as we were running around and getting out of the house, we went to the Ballet place to pick up our daughter. But when we went to start the car, it just wouldn't start. The radio was working, but seemed a little hokey, and the starting noise wasn't sounding good. So we called a tow truck, and had it taken to our repair place. The baby and wife and daughter all catch a ride with a friend, as I wait for the tow truck. When they get home, they realize that they don't have a key to the house, so have to go to the friend's apartment.

At the repair place, of course the car start for the guy there. So I drop it off to have them look at it to see if there is something wrong. Turns out there wasn't anything, just that the back hatch didn't seem to be closed, so that the power was being used up, causing the difficulty to start the car.

This made for a really long day after a long minimal sleep night.

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