Monday, April 21, 2014

Patriot's Day 2014

The official end to winter here in Boston is Patriot's Day. It commemorates the first battles of the Revolutionary War in Lexington/Concord. It's the Paul Revere's ride one with the calls of "The British are Coming." Then the slaughter of the Red coast as they marched back to Boston (and if you ever attend an event explaining it, the actual call was "the Regular's are here." You'd know that if you came to Boston).

Anywho, the actual date of the battles is April 19th, 1775. Patriot's day is held the Monday closest to that day. There are reenactments of the battles, parades, and then the running of the Boston Marathon. It's a fun day. This year my parents were able to join us for the event. It was a little bittersweet after the event of last year, but I'm so proud to see the people of our area carry forward without fear. We won't let terrorists take this day from us.

Kiwi went with Chad to the reenactment of Paul Revere's ride. It's at midnight the night before the battle reenactments. She thought it was pretty cool to stay up that late with here dad.
Soldier's marching to Old North Bridge in Concord.
The Boston marathon. Always fun to see people trying to kill themselves. I hope to run one some day.
The traditional stop at Kimball's ice cream after the race. You can't beat the homemade ice cream shops in our area.

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