Saturday, September 13, 2014

Reach the Beach

Summer race number three and the hardest yet! I decided to run a second Ragnar in New Hampshire.
 Of course this was decided before I knew I was expecting. Instead of dropping out, I decided to run at 19 weeks pregnant. I did Foamfest at 6 weeks along and Spartan at 14 weeks. What could possible go wrong? As it turns out, nothing. The other van had runners dropping like flies. I was good to go and had a blast doing it. I had to walk a few steep hills during the 8 mile night run to keep my heart rate in check. I also have some awesome friends who take good care of me.
This was actually how it was. Crazy hills on this course!

The van is packed
The toes are painted

Who ordered the rain?!

Thanks for the memories ladies! I had a blast but now my running days are over for a while. I won't be running Cape Cod in May. I don't think people would appreciate a crying baby along for the ride!

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