Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kayaking the Lower Mystic Lake

Now that I have some Kayaks to my name, I have to do something with them. Two of them are not enough for the family, so we have to take turns. I took Kiwi out on a trip, and Luann took Gman. The littlest are not old enough to go until we get some smaller life vests, and mom and dad are more comfortable with that. The lakes are deep!

Kiwi totally loved going through the lily pads, and collected a couple to show the little boys. We made a good circle around the edge of the lake, and it was fun to watch her figure out how to work the kayak.
Gman got to put his new-found kayak skills to the test, since he just got the kayak merit badge at scout camp. I hear he did just fine, since he also returned from the minor adventure unharmed.

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