Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Summer Crazy Begins!

We like to do some big events in the summer. Our biggest had to be the trip to Martha's vineyard. We drove an hour with bikes in tow down to the ferry that would carry us to the island. We were joined by another family of four plus a friend and a dad with his teenage daughter. That made 10 kids and five adults.

Once at the ferry, we parked our cars and loaded bikes and people onto the ferry. That's right. We were doing Martha's vineyard by bike. And half the kids weren't strong bike riders. It was an adventure! We biked 7 miles to a lighthouse and 7 miles back. There were stops along the way for lunch, swimming, carousel-ing, and pizza. I don't know if I'll do it again soon, but definitely an adventure worth having at least once every few years.

On the Bus to the Ferry. Lots of smiles all around. If they only knew.
Taking the ferry across.
The crew about ready to go. I think we're in for quite the day.
Having lunch before the bike ride.
Chad did the bulk of the hauling. The is the first half of the 13 mile ride.
Halfway there
On the way back we stopped to jump off a bridge. And play in the ocean. This was a much needed break.
The day ended with a carousel ride and pizza.
The sunset on the way home. So beautiful.

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