Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Decorations

Nothing particular about this post, except some of our most interesting decorations for Halloween put up in October.
First, what would Halloween be if not for the (nasty) Halloween cereals? This year there were five to collect, and thankfully Market Basket had them on sale plus a coupon. They decorated our window shelf next to the table, for ease of access. Even JW didn't get into them, as they were not that tasty.

Second, last Christmas, I unilaterally decided (yes, some protest after the fact by the family CEO; I am merely the CFO, but can hide the expenses! :)) to collect the Lego Monster Fighters theme. Totally works for the Halloween theme. The real problem is the number of hours I "have" to spend setting them all up. But, the kids help (loose pieces) so it also counts as quality time, right? The picture doesn't do it justice as to the sheer number of figures, buildings, and vehicles. Not so great that they also have a Christmas line...

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