Sunday, April 28, 2013

Trip To AZ - Traveling Edition

What is the point of living far from family if it is not to visit, especially by airplane? The kids love flying, so that is what we did. We had promised Kiwi that she could get baptized in AZ if we moved to Boston. Now to make good on that promise. Look for a post on the baptism to follow. This is just about the travel.
Need the doll, and lots of soda.
Keeping them separated to keep them happy
The flight out was great. All the excitement, anticipation, and all that. Soda was great, non-stop, and devices to their heart's content.

The flight home was the exact opposite. One stop in Houston, with just enough time to grab something to eat. Of course, since the Sequester of 2013 was just starting, the politics caused massive flight delays. We didn't get out of Phoenix on time, so had time to watch the planes.
Early start to the day in Phoenix

We did of course miss the connecting flight, and then had 4 hours to kill in Houston. United did give us $120 in food vouchers for the airport, and we managed to spend $100. Turns out, even with the high cost of food, it is hard to spend that kind of money.

The "best" part of the trip is walking fast to a public airport restroom, so that your oldest can vomit out $30 in airport food. Thankfully we were not in the air for that one.

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