Monday, April 18, 2011

Great Grandma Cox

My grandma Cox came down from Utah to live with my parents for the winter(she's my mother's mother). She amazes me how spry she is at 94. We tried to go up and see her as often as possible while she was only a two hour drive away instead of 12. All my great grandparents had passed away before I was born. I'm thankful my kids will have some memory of her.

Whenever we came she would sit me down and talk family history. I'm kind of scared to look too closely at her side because her family and Chad's mom's family we're both Germans from Wisconsin. If I look too hard I might find we're related somewhere back there.
Kiwi was named after my grandmother's mother Adeline and she passed on some things to Kiwi that had belonged to her mother. One was a love letter from my great grandpa to Adeline.
I was named after her first born daughter that passed away at birth. I feel particularly close to my grandma Cox because of this. I hope I have lived my life in a way that is worthy of that name. I love you grandma.

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